Why Partner with National Corporate Data?

Coming from a sales background ourselves, we've designed our affiliate partnership program to be ideal for any professional that works closely with businesses utilizing large amounts of B2B data, particularly independent sales organizations (ISOs) in the alternative finance space.

By joining as an affiliate partner of National Corporate Data, you'll enjoy competitive referral compensation and generate residual income on top of providing your ISO clients with high-quality data. This means you'll create a new income stream off of your existing book of business, without having to change your day-to-day. Affiliates are also granted exclusivity on referrals to ensure they remain protected.

1. Earn High, Recurring Commission

Our affiliate program comes with highly competitive commission. We're also one of the only data providers to offer subscription-based products; this equals more recurring income opportunity for you every month for the lifetime of your referrals.

2. Improve Client Retention

By creating an outstanding customer experience on our side, we help cultivate more value and trust between you and your clients. You can always be sure that your customers are treated with the same standards that you uphold.

3. Protection from Circumvention

We offer a lengthy grace period to help our affiliates increase their conversion rates and maintain exclusivity. This means that from the moment your referrals access our website, they're associated with your account and your compensation will always be protected.